Quality and risk


Acceptance and continuance of clients and engagements

Guidelines establishing whether to accept or continue a client relationship in accordance with our policies

Our policies and procedures also include assessments of risk in support of decision making regarding the acceptance and continuance of client relationships and engagements (read more here). Strict compliance with these policies and procedures is essential for us to provide professional services with the quality and integrity necessary to build more ethical and sustainable markets.

Acceptance of prospective clients

  • Identification of risks through background checks on the company, its management, its businesses and other relevant matters, with a focus on integrity.
  • Acceptance or otherwise of a client is determined by the evaluating partner, and approved by the risk management partner when necessary.

Acceptance of prospective engagements

  • Evaluation of risks, the competence of the client’s financial management team, and any additional safeguards needing to be introduced to help mitigate the identified risks
  • Evaluation of other relationships with and services provided by KPMG to the prospective client that are unrelated to the engagement in order to avoid potential conflicts of independence
  • Acceptance of an engagement is approved by the potential engagement leader and another senior professional, when necessary

Client and engagement continuance process

  • The continuance of clients and engagements is assessed every 12 months, or less if specific integrity issues or circumstances potentially interfering with the commercial relationship are identified. The company’s risk factors are reviewed, as well as any developments affecting the continuity of the services provided.